Human Resources

Human Resources

Mellon Farms prides itself in its employees.

A business is only as good as the people who make it happen – and Mellon Farms has some of the best. We are proud to be a third (coming up fourth) generation family farm, and are equally proud of our employees’ long history. Many employees are second or third generation with a history of up to 60 years with the company.

Mellon Farms is an equal opportunity employer. Our policy requires that all employees are screened through E-Verify. New employees are trained in Food Safety, Good Agricultural Practices and General Safety Practices. All field employees are provided Pesticide Handling Training and Forklift Operator’s certification if the use of a forklift is necessary for the completion of their job. Documentation concerning our Substance Abuse Policy, Good Agricultural Practices, and Safety Practices are available upon request.

Employment opportunities are ongoing. Should you wish to apply for a position please direct your email to the appropriate supervisor listed below:

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