Company Overview

Company Overview

Doug Mellon Farms II, Inc., (dba Mellon Farms), is a professional, full-service farming corporation. We have the capability and desire to grow your crops as specifically outlined by your growing/harvest schedules. Our produce-growing season begins in August, with harvest from November into May. With our county-wide land coverage, we have the ability to meet your produce needs in Yuma County by placing each of your crops at a location with the proper microclimate to insure high quality, high yields and a successful harvest. Spring through Fall we contract melons and grow forage crops, wheat and cotton. Seed crops are grown year round.

Mellon Farms has the necessary equipment, land, professional staff, knowledge, and experience to successfully grow many varieties of crops in Yuma County. We offer crop/field cost analysis to meet your needs utilizing a well-designed and tested system, guaranteeing detailed records.

Mellon Farms has over 6,000 Acres spread out over the Yuma Valley, Gila Valleys, Yuma Mesa, Dome Valley,  Wellton and Tacna. We also have the capability of gathering additional land as needed. Our fleet of heavy and light tractors, many of which are GPS driven, operate the needed implements and move over a thousand acres of sprinkler pipe. Mellon Farms prides itself as being a state of the art growing operation. All our supervisors are remotely linked to a central network and data sharing server for easier communication and information sharing. All this translates into a company that can meet your needs, both as a grower and as a business partner.

Safety is an ongoing concern in our industry. Mellon Farms has a strong Good Agricultural Practices Policy and Worker Safety Training in place consistent with the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Arizona Leafy Green Marketing Agreement standards. The operation is a member and actively supportive of the Yuma Safe Produce Council and is GFS certified. With trained Food Safety professionals on board, our operation is prepared to meet your safety concerns.

Mellon Farms would enjoy the opportunity to discuss your future farming needs in Yuma County. We maintain a very open office and extend an invitation for you to visit. Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information or to schedule a tour of our operation.

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