Food Safety

Food Safety

Mellon Farms is committed to Safety in all areas of its business. From Worker Safety to Public Safety, the emphasis is evident in every phase of crop and service production.

Food Safety is a total company commitment, from management to the field. Mellon Farms has a trained Food Safety Coordinator who helps oversee education, training, and fulfillment the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standards set by the FDA, the AZ Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (AZ LGMA), and our clients. Our GAP is a living document, constantly being updated to include the latest regulations, research and development in the Food Safety field. Training is also an ongoing process, as we share the latest information weekly and insure that every employee knows what is required to meet and exceed Food Safety standards.

Mellon Farms is audited multiple times during the year, both by third party auditors, the State of AZ Department of Agriculture, and the FDA to ensure that we are on track with our Food Safety program. We are GFSI certified and carry a Superior rating.

Worker Safety is emphasized on a daily basis. A Preventative Maintenance schedule is in place that not only insures the most efficient operation of our equipment, but the safest. Weekly Tool Box Talks are conducted by the Foremen and are chosen to bring the employees’ attention to timely safety matters. A quarterly Safety Awards program is in place. We firmly believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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